Our Story

The Sanctum was founded on the idea that healthy food can also be wildly well-prepared.

Chelsie & Jamie Savage spent years traveling and tasting plant-based food all over the country. Chelsie experimented with flavor and fare, quickly becoming one of the most creative plant-based chefs in the country. In an industry void of plant-based culinary education, as a self-taught chef, she won over hundreds of hearts and bellies with her vegetarian creations — creations that eventually led to the grand opening of The Sanctum.

You can’t learn this stuff at culinary school, and you can’t buy it in a bottle.

While Chelsie was the visionary and Jamie the builder of dreams, the fact remains that it takes a village to run a place such as this.

We’d like to introduce you to our village.


Golden Hills Coffee Roasters — The bearers of impeccably roasted beans that make us excited to wake up in the morning. They are masters of the perfect cup of coffee, achieved only by roasting each batch by sight, sound and smell. All of their coffee is roasted to order, so when we pour you a cup out of the french press or serve you our crowd-favorite hemp milk latte, you can enjoy it knowing that it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf somewhere for a decade.

Living Vitalitea Kombucha— The brewers of the cleanest, crispest kombucha we’ve ever tasted—and we’ve tasted more kombucha than we care to admit. Living Vitalitea is committed to clean, non-GMO, as-natural-as-they-come ingredients. Their kombucha is authentic in both health benefits and flavor. We could go on and on about it, but it would much more exciting if you came in to try it.

Fleet Farming— Purveyors of fresh, organic and oh-so-pretty produce. But it’s about more than just produce. We partner with Fleet Farming because we believe what they believe: that we need to reduce the environmental impact of food production and create a culture of healthy and vibrant ecosystems. We believe in activating and engaging the community in emissions-free, organic farming. And most of all we believe that if we believe in all of this, we have to support the businesses that are doing something about it.

Frog Song Organics — Growers of soil-sown produce, protectors of real flavor and believers that we can, in fact, have it all. We partner with Frog Song Organics because they take care of their plants, they take care of the environment and they take care of their people. They have big vision and big purpose, and it’s not only a pleasure but an honor to partner with them.

Arto Moro Tempeh Co. — All tempeh is not created equal. We’ve tried the store bought kind and the homemade kind and the we-made-this-ourselves kind, but we’ve never tried anything like this kind, so it’s the only kind we serve around here. Artie’s entire craft is the making of artisanal tempeh, and it shows in its unmatched quality and flavor. The taste says it all, and that’s why it’s all over our menu.

And last, but never least: Our staff.

Our staff is smart. They believe what we believe about food and health and education around it. They bring a wide array of skills and talents to the table but are far from stuck in their ways. They love to learn, and they love to use what they learn to grow this business as though it were their very own.

Every day that we open our doors, every bowl we serve, every coffee we pour is because of them.