Breakfast Menu

Please note on Sunday we only serve brunch.

We proudly partner with local farms & artisans including Frog Song Organics, Sugar Top, Fleet Farming, Waterkist, Old Florida Tempeh, Lake Meadows Naturals, Willful Honey, Dakin Dairy, & Golden Hills Coffee.

All of our ingredients are non-GMO, & most are organic & locally sourced when available. We purchase our produce in line with the principles of the Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen & rotate our menu to highlight what’s in season. Our oils are cold pressed, & we use absolutely no hydrogenated oils or products that contain hydrogenated oil. Our flours & sugars are unrefined, & you won’t find any artificial sweeteners, preservative, or food dyes in our pantry. Everything we serve to you we would serve to our own family, & everything is prepared from scratch, with love.
| G | contains gluten

Monday-Friday until 10:45. Saturday until 11:45


raw oats, almond meal,  flaxseed, coconut, cinnamon, fresh fruit, candied walnuts, almond milk
$6 half / $9 full
| G | your choice of fermented sourdough or sprouted grain Ezekiel toast, avocado mash, tomato, watermelon radish, black sesame, sprouts  half  6 / full  9 add poached local, free-range eggs  one  2.5 / two  3.5
$6 half / $9 full
| G | your choice of fermented sourdough or sprouted grain Ezekiel toast, chocolate-hazelnut butter, banana, candied walnuts, coconut, hemp seed hearts, organic maple syrup
one poached local, free-range egg, organic greens, tomato, radish, quinoa, carrot, lemon tahini dressing
organic açai sorbet, seasonal fresh fruit, organic ancient grain granola, coconut, cacao nibs, goji berries


| G | organic brown rice, organic beans, onion, bell pepper, organic corn, organic turmeric tofu scramble, red cabbage slaw, cilantro, avocado ranch dressing
| G | local, free-range egg salad, mixed roasted vegetables, organic greens, onion, pickled radish, organic house tempeh, mustard vinaigrette, thousand island dressing
| G | organic turmeric tofu scramble, mixed roasted vegetables, tomato, onion, organic greens, cashew cream
| G | organic tumeric tofu scramble, organic potato, organic house tempeh, carrot, organic celery, coconut bacun, buffalo sauce, avocado ranch dressing

Extras & Sides

organic maple syrup
almond or peanut butter
earth balance
house hot sauce or cashew cream
organic house tempeh
avocado, sliced or mash
feta or goat cheese
poached local, free-range egg
$2.5 / $3.5
seasonal fresh fruit
organic potatoes side
fermented sourdough or sprouted grain Ezekiel toast
| G |

Please notify server of food allergies before ordering.

The Sanctum Cafe offers plant-centric cuisine and we cannot guarantee that guests with food or beverage allergies may not be exposed through cross contamination. If you have a food or beverage allergy (particularly to nuts or seeds) we therefore recommend that you not dine with us. As such, please understand that The Sanctum Cafe cannot be responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by any guest with a food or beverage allergy who consumes our food or beverages, regardless of the circumstances.