Orlando Organic Juice Bar

The Sanctum Cafe is an organic juice bar

Orlando Organic Juice Bar 1The Sanctum Cafe’s Orlando location is known for being a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, as well as an organic coffee bar. We also feature a mostly-organic juice bar along with our mostly-organic, plant-based food because juice is good too! Our organic juice bar features cold-pressed juice which gives you a straight shot of nutrients, nourishing you from the inside out. We are the only cold-pressed juice bar in Orlando where you also have access to an amazing full food menu as well as a complete coffee bar.

What do we mean by mostly-organic juice?

We follow the principles of the Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen. Our mostly-organic juice bar uses organic food where it counts but also uses conventionally grown and/or local produce with sustainable practices. This keeps the cost affordable to you while also allowing us to include unconventional and exciting ingredients that you can’t always find certified organic. These ingredients like yuzu and lemongrass introduce an oasis of both flavors and nutrients. Keeping the flavor fresh and you nourished!

Orlando Organic Juice Bar 2At our juice bar, our juice is pressed daily and available in 16-oz pre-portioned bottles. This makes it easy for you to swing by our juice bar and grab it on the go. Each juice should stay fresh for 7 days. (Just make sure it stays sealed tight). We also feature cold-pressed juice cleanses, available for purchase through an advance order. And better yet, we only use our cold-pressed juice when concocting cocktails. Because not only is it better for you, it’s better tasting! And you can’t make the best mimosa in town with mediocre juice.

Perhaps you were searching for an “organic juice bar near me”. When looking for an organic juice bar, look no further! We look forward to having you as our guest.

If you are in the Park Avenue area and looking for an organic juice bar in Winter Park, try our sister company Proper & Wild.