Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 6

Looking for a healthy vegan restaurant? The Sanctum is the oasis for organic, healthy vegan & vegetarian fare in Orlando. We source the best quality ingredients we can find and prepare them mindfully because our mission is to revolutionize the health of our Orlando community.

What makes you a healthy restaurant?

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 2Just because a restaurant is vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy. Hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial food dyes, preservatives, and bleached flours & sugars are all vegan but are far from good for you. We design all of our menu items with health in mind and we only use REAL food. That means you will never find any of these artificial ingredients in our pantry or in our recipes.

Is The Sanctum a farm to table restaurant?

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 3We are as close to a farm to table restaurant as you will get in Florida. As a vegetarian restaurant, mostly everything we prepare is produce. And with the limited growing season that we have in Florida, there is no way we could source all the produce we need from local sources year-round. We source produce from as many local farms as we can in season. Some of our favorite local produce vendors include Frog Song Organics, Sugar Top Farms, Fleet Farming, & Waterkist Farms. We source as much product as we can from them and supplement elsewhere to fill the gaps. You can almost always find local produce highlighted in our weekly & daily specials.

Are you a completely vegan restaurant?

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 1Our menu is completely vegan with the exception of farm to table eggs we source from Lake Meadows, local milk we source from Dakin Dairy, & honey we source from Willful Honey. Our non-GMO milk is available in our smoothies or locally-roasted coffee and our local, free-range organic eggs are available during breakfast and brunch and clearly marked on the menu. We never make any of our sauces, marinades, or baked goods with non-vegan items, so unless it is written as a line item ingredient, it is vegan.

Is The Sanctum a completely organic restaurant?

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 4The Sanctum is an organic restaurant where it counts. What does that mean? It means we are not a 100% organic restaurant but we do a heck of a good job sourcing as much organic as we can and only make non-organic choices where we feel like we are safe to do so.

We are always 100% non-GMO. We buy our produce by following the principles of The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen. All of our spices are organic. All of our beans are organic. All of our grains are organic. And a whole lot of our other ingredients are organic too like most of our flours, sugars, superfoods, and miscellaneous pantry items. We can’t say we are 100% because there are just some ingredients we want to cook with that we simply don’t have access to organic. We are very much paving the path for organic distribution chains in Florida, and we have come a long way! We look forward to continuing to work with our distributors and suppliers to continue sourcing more and more organic as Orlando votes for organic restaurants.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Orlando Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 5At The Sanctum Cafe, we have tons of options for those looking to follow a gluten-free diet. All of our bowls are either vegetable, grain, or pasta based. Our grain choices are organic quinoa or organic brown rice and we use organic brown rice pasta as our pasta option. We never use ingredients that contain gluten as a binder or by-product and never hide it in any of our sauces or marinades. We do have a few menu items that contain gluten (breads, tortillas, and the occasional baked good), so we are not a 100% gluten-free kitchen, but if you are looking to follow a gluten-free lifestyle, we have many options for you!

Maybe you were searching for an “organic vegan restaurant near me,” or an “organic vegetarian restaurant near me”. When looking for an organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant, look no further! We look forward to having you as our guest. Perhaps you are interested in The Sanctum Cafe’s organic coffee house or organic juice bar? Or, if you are in the Park Avenue area and looking for an organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Winter Park, try our sister company Proper & Wild. Our goal is to provide the best body, soul, and mind experience in eating and we hope you’ll join us soon!